Allison, congrats! Everyone else: Suitcase magazine!

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My daughter has given birth…

…to a magazine! She and her business partner, Director, Serena Guen  are the youngest women ever to launch an international print and digital magazine. Over the last eight months I have watched, listened and prayed as the magazine took shape. Both girls are also studying for degrees, Charlotte at the London College of Fashion and Serena at NYU.

With a mix of excitement and trepidation I attended the launch of the first issue. Of course as Suitcase is a fashion and travel magazine it took weeks of planning my outfit. I tried vintage and old favourites. Charlotte (Editor in Chief) said the vintage dress didn’t show enough flesh and one old favourite dress produced this reaction: “But Mummy you’ve put on weight since you wore that!” She was right about both of course and in the end she sent me photos of dresses from the…

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What is a writer’s coach?

From “A Substantive Editor is a Writer’s Coach”, by Mark Nichol.

The substantive editor helps the writer tighten a manuscript’s scope, helping them focus on what works and what doesn’t by either revising or directing revisions of, or deleting or suggesting deletion of, passages or even entire chapters. The editor recommends reordering of chapters in nonfiction, or adding of scenes or dropping of subplots in fiction, and asks questions and makes comments that help clarify the writer’s objective or express their message.

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More novels! Want more novels!

Pleased to say I’ve been editing some great work this week!  I have now been asked to help with:

* A lovely fantasy novel, part 1, for critique

* A sexy politician with multiple personas

* A fantastic voyage including a viking ancestor, a pirate, a boat and a quest

* A spicy science fiction/conspiracy theory epic in the making

* A Canterbury Tales adaptation

* A sequel to a popular spaceship adventure

Send me more! I love it! Twitter feed with links to consenting clients’ pages soon!